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Air Duct Cleaning

The "Before" photo shows you what happens to your air ducts if you neglect to service them. After Hoover's Air Duct Cleaning Inc cleans them, they will look like the "After" photo. Call us today at 505-269-1176 for a free estimate!...more

Dryer Vent Cleaning

With over 24,000 dryer fires each year in the United States, you certainly want to maintain your dryer vent system. Keep in mind, your dryer vent system should be cleaned once every two years! Call us today at 505-269-1176 for a free estimate!...more

Video Duct Inspection

A Video Duct Inspection is a great idea to see what is going on with your ductwork. Allow Hoover's Air Duct Cleaning to show you your ducting system with our video duct inspection service. Call us today at 505-269-1176 for a free estimate!...more

Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Bathroom exhaust airflow, if blocked by debris, can significantly inhibit the removal of humid air from the bathroom. This creates a burden on the HVAC system and prevents the proper removal of water vapor. If humid air is not properly exhausted, the vapor condenses on bathroom surfaces and provides a growth environment for biological contaminants such as microbial growth. Hoover's Inc. professionals remove and clean airflow exhaust vents, fan blades, fan ductwork, fan plenum, and other related ductwork, including the outside protective screening. Call us today at 505-269-1176 for a free estimate!...more


We just purchased a home and used the Hoover Team to clean the air ducts. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and the courteous and professional atttitude. A very efficient process and...
Ron & Barb V
I am thankful to have found Hoover’s. Despite calling you on short notice, I greatly appreciated that you worked me into your already very busy schedule. And your crew is absolutely THE BEST! They...
C. Navarro
Marshall and his helper arrived on time, assessed the work to be done and proceeded quickly. They were careful of the house, walls ect. and did a very thorough job. The job took about four hours as...
Teresa Johansen

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